Our know-how

Our know-how

Between tradition and modernity

Our artisans can handle a wide variety of projects ranging from restoring a centuries-old décor to producing the most ambitious and audacious contemporary creations.  Our various specialties such as painting, painting on canvas, and embossing and gilding leather, work synergistically to complement each other. We strive to attain the highest level of excellence in each and every artistic technique.

& decorative painting

In the grand tradition of the French decorative arts, Atelier Mériguet Carrère maintains considerable expertise in faux bois and trompe l’oeil painting techniques imitating stone and marble.  These can be found in the most beautiful and important historic and modern rooms in the world. Through our years of experience, we have mastered the meticulous preparation of surfaces that is key to the perfect execution of the final painted décor. Atelier Mériguet Carrère is also proud to have created new methods and materials that help us to exceed the limitations of traditional techniques. Thus, we have the ability and ambition to satisfy the desires of the most noted and celebrated decorators and their clients across the world.

and preservation of painted decors

The Atelier Mériguet Carrère has always believed in strictly adhering to the historic rules of art and design, which are fundamental to the restoration of old decors. As mechanical as this job might seem, it actually requires a knowledge acquired through tireless and dedicated practice. In the restoration of painted decorations, it is that practice that goes beyond the point where science alone would have led. If the works of Atelier Mériguet Carrère stand as some of the most accomplished in the world, it is because they repeat and expand upon our previous successes in our search for perfection. The constant exchange between artisans, their critical eye for detail, and the choice of the appropriate tools along with unending patience, are key to a masterful result.


Thanks to our artists’ knowledge of ancient techniques, our team is capable of restoring and producing gilded works in all type of media and levels of ornamentation. In our atelier we work both with water- and oil-based gilding techniques.

Water-base gilding is the result of applying several layers of skin glue primer, which are then meticulously sanded before being covered with yellow and red clay mixture known as “bole”.  Then the surface is soaked, the gold leaf is applied, and it is polished with an agate stone.

Our artisans also have mastered the art of oil-based gilding technique. The surface is carefully prepared before being painted. After this, the surface is varnished, covered with an oil mixture, the “size”, before finally applying gold leaf.

Embossed Leathers

Since we first embarked upon our journey as a company, the Atelier Mériguet-Carrère has been recognized for our specialty in embossed gilded leathers. Our artisans practice the traditional techniques of gilding leather, that began in the North of Africa during the 6th Century. They are also capable of manufacturing gilded leathers and of reproducing the colors and feel of antique leathers.  These can be used in a multitude of projects including wall coverings, upholstery and various leather goods.

Our gilded leathers are manufactured with either goat, sheep or cow skin with natural vegetable tanning. The leathers are covered with a thin layer of silver, then heat-embossed with an engraved metallic mold. Our metallic molds often reproduce ancient or antique patterns, although we also make embossed leather in modern 20th century or even more contemporary designs. The leathers are covered with a brownish-yellow varnish before being tinted or color painted, then patinated and waxed by hand.

Our line of custom color paint and wallpapers


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