The French know-how
in high end interior design

Much like the Haute Couture, the artisanal trades which support grand interiors form a fundamental part of our French heritage. The nearly miraculous fruit of their labors results from the transmission of techniques from generation to generation of craftsmen. They seem to exist to push the limits of our imagination, to make an ideal beauty tangible. In this, they truly create Art.

Atelier Mériguet-Carrère shares the continued and growing demand for their work with private clients, architects of historic preservation, and high-end interior designers.

Conservators of an ancestral expertise, laboratory for new decorative techniques, this company safeguards the link between the grand old decor of the past, which they preserve, and tomorrow’s decorations, which they invent with passion.

Yves Saint Laurent and I often made use of this atelier. When Yves had the idea to cover the walls of the Château Gabriel with waterlilies in the style of Monet, naturally we contacted Atelier Mériguet, and the result exceeded all our expectations.

Whether in Paris or Morocco, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère has always accompanied us. Their work is extraordinary, much like their talent and their rigor.

- Pierre Bergé -



Since its establishment in 1960, Atelier Mériguet-Carrère has been dedicated to restoring and creating exceptional decorative projects with techniques and artistic traditions passed down through the generations from the XVII century to today.

Our extensive expertise in the trompe l’oeil manner of painting faux marbre and faux bois, decorative painting, and embossing and gilding leather, among other specialties, has given life to some of the most exceptional interiors in the world.

Our strength comes from our team of 120 professional artisans and apprentices who are the very soul of our ancestral expertise and tradition of quality. The transmission of techniques from generation to generation ensures our company’s culture of unsurpassed quality.

Our atelier receives commissions not only in France, but also internationally, to build, decorate and restore private residences, palaces, luxury boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

Mériguet-Carrère also specializes in the restoration and preservation of historical monuments including the Château de Versailles and the Elysée Palace in France.